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AirPlay / PowerPlay Video Lessons + many many extras.+ Trumpet Workouts

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  • My complete series of educational videos for all players!
100's of pages of PDF bonus files and more. You receive an email download link or you may use the link on your certificate after your purchase is complete. The series is updated several times a year and your video library continues to grow.
In addition you receive a PDF version of my "Trumpet Workouts" book.
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 Product Description

AirPlay complete set of training videos, additional PDF Exercises, Articles, and much more, including the PDF version of my complete "TRUMPET WORKOUTS" best selling book.

All Files stored in Dropbox and you receive the key code. 

This is my top selling item.

Over 1500 sold to date. Players all over the globe are learning to RELAX and learn to play with the great Mechanical Advantage provided by this method.

Look at all the great players and see that relaxed smooth cushion of air around the lips.

They know how to employ this little taught Mechanical Advantage way to play.

I was a student of Renold Schilke, Claude Gordon, Pete Condoli, Max Wood, and Roy Stevens.

A complete guide to the proper mechanics of playing trumpet, cornet, trombone. Over 1500 sold and climbing. A series of video files - each 10 to 30 minutes long. Taking you through from a raw beginner to professional player. This system contains elements from the Roy Stevens system. also from Claude Gordon, Herbert L. Clarke, Cat Anderson, Bud Brisbois, Robert Nagel and of course myself.

Each lesson is detailed and easy to follow.

Everyday I hear testimonials of players using the system and telling me that this series has put it all together for them. Are you up stream, down stream, pucker, smile. Makes no difference. This clear series will put it all together for you.

I also teach this system via Skype to players all over the world. The cost is $50 a session.

Contact  me at:   gRawlin@gRawlin.com

This AirPlay Download contains over 2 hours of "mini video lessons" in computer and mobile compatible video, with 100's pages of Bonus and Practice PDF  Tips, Training, and Valuable Information about the Business of Trumpet.

 The basics of AIR, Core-Balance, equipment, and playing style all add up to a successful foundation for YOU. This is NOT a short cut to screaming high notes. It is a broad based musical foundation allowing you to step off into a level playing field with any trumpet style.

As new lessons are added to the download file you may download them at no extra fee . Your collection continues to grow at no additional charge!

Listen to me playing a great solo in the style of Doc Severinsen

When you consider that a single lesson would cost over $50 and hour. You are investing in a library of material that will last a lifetime.

This is not a gimmick, it is a solid rock for building your trumpet foundation.

You will discover aids that no one has yet crystallized  into clear no mambo-jumbo English.

This product is for all players, teachers, professors, and beginners. It will revolutionize your trumpet experience.

How to Make Music - Not Noise! And do it with Ease and Clarity

This will Give You a BLACK AND WHITE understanding of what plays and what doesn't play.

This Download will show you how to establish your OWN embouchure based on simple principles of Physics.

Every person brings baggage to the table.
Download gets that baggage organized, economized, focused, and functioning!


My story:


I damaged my lip from "Just Playing" probably not thinking about the damage I was doing by using pressure and over-blowing. I was on the road 7 years with an average 450 shows a year. I would begin to hurt and so I'd suck it up and play through it. Then I separated the muscle and could not play .


I learned a tough lesson. I learned that what I was doing was counterproductive. Since that time - 1974 - I have made a change and now play without pain and have the range and endurance I need.

During my years self inflicting damage to my lip, people would say how great I sounded, how beautiful my sound was, my range was a consistent double D and I honestly believed all was well and that the pain or swelling or discomfort was all a part of road life. I knew a lot of guys that agreed.

After taking a new look at what and why I was doing I found that pain and swelling were not a given - no way!.

I know tons of great players who say just play the natural way - just blow and let your sound be your guide. etc. etc. I firmly believe that they are playing - whether from a naturally trumpet-friendly set of chops or luck or a teacher that set them up correctly from the git go - without needing to think about what they are doing and in many cases couldn't accurately tell somebody what they were doing to actually play so well.

This leads to a lot of confusion and misinformation. Playing the trumpet is for the vast majority not a "natural" physical event. Understanding the basics of how an efficient embouchure works should be at the forefront of a new students thinking.

The guys that read this page are mostly players with some degree of success and perhaps many have come into playing easily with a predisposed physiology for trumpet or brass performance.

I have taught easily 3 or 4 thousand students in schools and private lessons. Trust me - very few come to it naturally.

What is more surprising is how many players give up after school. Quit after not making it in local musical groups, and some who lose it all when as a pro they ruined their chops.

I personally believe that every player needs to understand the basics of the trumpet embouchure. The 4 or 5 things that every method overlaps on. I make every effort to promote education in my website gRawlin.com and my pages here on FB.

I am not dogmatic about a my way or the highway - I am dogmatic about beginning players being shown the basics of the embouchure AS APPLIED TO THEIR ANATOMY!

One of my great sadness's is when I meet a player who has been working for years in the trumpet world and finds himself slipping down a painful road to loss of work and enthusiasm.

The majority of my teaching via Skype is with these players. The thing that hurts is that they just never really either thought about how they played or worse were never taught the basics.

It is really tough to turn it all around after 20, 30 years of trial and error.

My wish is that TEACHERS would tackle the responsibility of teaching the why and how we get a sound and build a lifetime embouchure just 1/3rd as much as they tackle the musical skills portion. When you receive a solid foundation in both areas you have a chance to enjoy the trumpet - make a living - etc. What is bad is when you are not sure at all how your chops work and you are teaching beginners to just "play naturally."


 Warranty Information

Should you inadvertantly delete your video files contact gRawlin@grawlin.com for replacement files at no charge.

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 Product Reviews

  1. Loads of good info !

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jan 2016

    Lots of good info. Interesting video format with many pdfs to play from. Highly recommended.

  2. Air Play Video Lessons are just what I have missed

    Posted by Carl Burchardi on 7th Oct 2014

    George Rawlin is doing a very good job, and his method has already
    helped me to improve my playing. I am patient, and I am sure when
    I am coming to the end of the lessons after a hard work, I will achieve the goals I have set, and even with more fun playing the trompet.

    Carl B.

  3. Clear & Useful Guidance

    Posted by Greg Wunsch on 23rd Jul 2014

    The materials are clear & useful. I am restarting playing after many years of inactivity. These materials offered the guidance I needed to get over some of the stumbling blocks I encountered. The videos are very helpful. It is great to be able to get past some of the physical barriers to playing and to start enjoying the musical aspects. Thanks, George!

  4. Huge amount of information...

    Posted by Tim W on 12th Dec 2013

    I am a returning player focusing mainly on the flugelhorn. I have been amazed by the amount of info in this package. Over the holidays I hope to concentrate on it and get all the benefits.

    Thanks George


  5. Excellent Product

    Posted by Jim Baker on 18th Jul 2013

    I have been doing the breathing exercises and the "Bull-dog" for a few weeks. I am moving perhaps a little slower than average. I am just getting back into playing after about a 30 year lapse. My tone is a good as it ever was, except it is easier to get the full bodied rich sound. My range isn't quite back yet but I am being patient. The various music exercises that accompany the videos are worth the price of the product.

    I couldn't be happier! What an excellent product.

  6. "If you Keep Doing What You're Doing,You're Gonna Get What You've Got"

    Posted by Jim Graber on 16th Jul 2013

    George's techniques on airflow and,especially, jaw position and embouchure have greatly reduced pressure and added 1 1/2 steps to the hi end in less than 2 weeks of reasonable,disciplined,practice.
    (I now believe that a lot of "traditional" trumpet pedagogy is criminally insufficient)-Thanks, George

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